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Glossary of Dental Terms

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Term Definition

Inflammation of the membranes of the mouth.

Succedaneous Tooth

A permanent tooth that replaces a primary (deciduous) tooth.


The connecting hinge mechanism between the base of the skull (temporal bone) and the lower jaw (mandible).


The Temporomandibular Joint, which is the point that your lower jaw connects to your skull.


Abnormal functioning of the temporomandibular joint

Tooth Bounded Space

A space created by one or more missing teeth that has a tooth on each side.


Tooth/teeth that have not penetrated into the oral cavity.

Vertial Bitewing

A dental image with a central projection on which the teeth can close, holding it in a vertical position for the radiographic examination of several upper and lower teeth simultaneously.


Decreased salivary secretion that produces a dry and sometimes burning sensation of the oral mucosa and/or cervical caries.

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