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Glossary of Dental Terms

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Term Definition

The surface of a tooth directed toward the cheeks or lips.


Restoring of lost tooth structure by using materials such as metal, alloy, plastic or porcelain/ceramic.

Fixed Partial Denture

A prosthetic replacement of one or more missing teeth cemented or otherwise attached to the adutment teeth or implant replacements.


Muscle fibers covered by a mucous membrane that attaches the cheek, lips and/or tongue to associated dental mucosa.


Your gums. The pink flesh around your teeth.


Inflamation of the gums. This is an early indicator of periodontal disease.


Also known as Gingivae. The pink flesh around your teeth.

Immediate Denture

Prothesis constructed for placement immediately after removal of remaining natural teeth.

Impacted Tooth

An unerupted or partially erupted tooth that is positioned against another tooth, bone or soft tissue so that complete eruption is unlikely.


An artificial replacement of a tooth. An Implant is attached into the jaw.


Pertaining to the biting edges of the incisor and cuspid teeth.


The two upper and two lower teeth in the center of the mouth.


A fixed intracoronal restoration; a dental restoration made outside of the oral cavity to correspond to the form of the prepared cavity.


Between the adjoining surfaces of adjacent teeth in the same arch.


Referring to "within" the crown of a tooth.

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