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Glossary of Dental Terms

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Term Definition

The evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity, maxillofacial area, and the adjacent and associated structures; provided by a dentist, within the scope of his/her education, training and experience, in accordance with the ethics of the profession and applicable law.


The teeth in the dental arch.


An artificial substitute for some or all of the natural teeth and adjacent tissues.

Diagnostic Imaging

A visual display of structural or functional patterns for the purpose of diagnostic evaluation (photographic or radiographic).


A space, such as one between two adjacent teeth in the same dental arch.

Direct Pulp Cap

Procedure in which the exposed vital pulp is treated with a theraputic material followed with a base restoration, to promote healing and maintain pulp vitality.


Surface of position of a tooth most distant from the median line of the arch.

Dry Socket

Localized inflammation of the tooth socket following extraction due to infection or loss of blod clot; osteitis.


Without teeth.


A hard covering over the exposed portion of your tooth.


A specialist dedicated to the treatment of the nerves in your teeth, commonly performing Root Canals.


Seperation of the tooth from its socket due to trauma.


Surgical removal of bone or tissue.


Overgrowth of bone.


A material usually resulting from inflammation or necrosis that contains fluid, cells, and other debris.

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