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Saturday, 03 April 2010 20:29

Digital Radiography

Written by Dr. Stempowski
The office does use Digital Radiography.  We are currently using the Schick Elite dental sensors, which have been rated #1 by the American Dental Association.
The benefits of digital radiography are many.  It offers 50% less radiation exposure than E-speed film and 75% less radiation than D-speed film.  It eliminates the need for chemical processing, thus making it safer for the environment.  It also provides an image in less than 5 seconds, which is dramatically faster than the 3 to 5 minutes it takes for conventional imaging.  In addition, we are able to view the image on our 23 inch TV/monitors, which are equipped in every operatory.
The Schick Elite sensors are the same sensors being used by the Cleveland Clinic and the only sensors manufactured in the U.S.
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